Sustainability underpins our model, from ensuring the health and safety of our employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors, to minimising our environmental impact.

We have a rich heritage and a strong history with decades of experience and a wealth of expertise, however, we operate in a dynamic market and change is a constant. With a solid foundation now in place, we want to focus on maintaining and growing our reputation to build on our market-leading strengths and performance over the longer term.

Smarter, Safer, more Sustainable, our business improvement programme (which was launched during 2017), represents the consolidation of all of the Group's ongoing improvement projects, established to help us in achieving the Group's overall strategy. These include improvements in business processes, use of technology, operating efficiencies and new product development, all set within a framework of strong risk management and control. We believe that by investing in our projects, training and technology to empower our people to work Smarter, Safer and more Sustainably, this will assist us in securing our future as the market leader in structural steel.

We'll develop smarter ways of working that enable us to be more effective and focus on the things that matter. We'll continue to put safety at the forefront of everything we do, making it the core of every decision and process.

Improve how we deliver our projects with speed, efficiency and accuracy.Continue our relentless focus on safety and always think 'safety first'.Focus on working sustainably and reducing our energy consumption.
Maximise our skill sets – operational excellence, quality and dealing with complexity.Introduce new technology and equipment that enables safer ways of working.Invest in technology that reduces our emissions.
Continued development of our expertise and improve our offering to clients.Safeguard employees, clients and shareholders.Care for our environment whilst building our external reputation.

Smarter, Safer, more Sustainable will assist us in unlocking the value in our people and will help to keep our order book strong and secure the future for our clients, our shareholders and our employees.

Health and safety

A principal aim of the board is to continue to ensure, through example and encouragement, that we behave ethically and responsibly, particularly in the fields of health, safety and environmental management.

The strategic overview (as below) underpins our health and safety policy and establishes the areas that are essential to achieving our main goal, namely to ensure that all employees enjoy a safe working environment, with no exceptions.


We remain committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business through sustainable practices and continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Significant progress continues to be made in areas such as carbon reduction, strategy (as below), renewable energy and the responsible sourcing of materials.

We have maintained the Carbon Trust Standard for reducing CO2 emissions year-on-year and continue to be accredited with the Gold Membership Standard of the Steel Construction Stability Charter.

Our continued investment in technology and research will ensure the future growth of the business whilst continuing to drive efficiency and improvements in service, adding value for our customers.

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Safety, health and environmental

Strategic goals

A fair and safe way of working

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No incidents that harm people

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Industry leading occupational health

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Carbon footprint reduction

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The foundations

Senior managers

Staff and contractor engagement

Supervisors/team leaders

Zero deviation plan

Key stakeholders

Consequence strategies


Preventative actions
Life-saving rules

Health promotion
Mental health

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Quality and accreditations

Quality assurance is a fundamental feature across all of our operations. The Group is committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and protecting our workforce wherever we operate. By gaining the necessary certification through recognised bodies, we provide the reassurance that we are properly trained and qualified to carry out our contractual and partnership obligations.

Quality systems (including welding quality systems) approved by the British Constructional Steelwork Association ('BCSA'), Steel Construction Certification Scheme ('SCCS') and The Welding Institute ('TWI'), operate to ensure customer requirements are recognised and delivered. Registration under the Qualified Steelwork Contractors Scheme provides extra confidence to customers.

The CE mark is a claim that a particular construction product can be used within the European Union and is based on the principle that the product is 'fit for purpose'. All of the Group's manufacturing facilities are CE marking compliant and have been independently assessed to meet the requirements of Execution Class 4. Accordingly, our clients can be assured that their steelwork is in compliance with the latest Europe-wide legislation and is manufactured to a level of quality that is second to none.


Innovation plays an important role in winning work, building long-term relationships and creating additional value for our stakeholders. The Group's continued expertise in creating innovative solutions at a project level enables our clients to realise their architectural visions. Our unique capability to deliver complex design solutions, our capacity and speed of fabrication and our management of the integrated construction process is what counts to our customers. Joint value engineering, programme certainty, innovative engineering solutions and advanced construction management have long been part of what we do.